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CEREC Module 2

Simon Chard

- 1 Day Training -

Cerec Module 2 is designed for CEREC users who have completed Module 1 and are looking to take their CEREC restorations to the next level. During this training delegates will delve deeper into the software to achieve consistent and aesthetic results, both in the posterior and anterior zones, as well as developing an understanding of the nuances of multiple restorations.

Simon Chard: Service

Aims & Objectives

  • Learn how to get perfect proposals to streamline your workflow by mastering; Parameters, scanning, model axis, preparation design and virtual articulation.

  • Discussion of materials, shape and shade and how these can create the illusion of layering in Monolithics

  • Utilising Biogeneric Individual, Biojaw, Biogeneric Copy and Biogeneric reference to give beautiful anterior restorations

  • Understand the Nuances of  Multiple Restorations

  • Understand when and how to utilise your digital technician with Sirona connect

  • Brief insight into the possibilities with restoring implants with CEREC 

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