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Mission Statement

Our commitment is to ensure we inspire and deliver the highest quality of Digital CAI/CAD/CAM training so our users feel both confident and proficient in maximizing their Investment.
Our belief is through knowledge we excel together!

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About Us

The Academy of Digital Dentistry is made up of International lecturers and trainers who have worked in the field of Digital Dentistry for a number of years across a number of worldwide regions. Our Academy of Digital Dentistry evolved on the foundation of knowledge and expertise and forms the bedrock of delivering the necessary tools to bring past, present and the future Dentists and Dental Technicians to the ultimate level in the world of CAI/CAD/CAM. All our lecturers and trainers are involved with systems from the global leader Dentsply Sirona, be it Chairside or Labside CAI/CAD/CAM Systems.

Dentsply Sirona myriad of applications in both CEREC and Labside CAI/CAD/CAM pushes the boundaries of dentistry in a manner which matches the expectations of today’s demanding patients. We do this for today and not for tomorrow which never comes.



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